2015 Challenge Grant

Support the Library Free Stage and Youth Music Programs by contributing to the $25,000 Challenge Grant

Your support will help the Telluride educational and community outreach programs thrive for years to come

The Telluride Society for Jazz strives to create opportunities for young musicians to follow their dreams and provide valuable world-class collaborations needed to excel in the music world and life in general. Telluride Jazz supports the positive influence music has on children and young adults and it is our mission that Music Education continue to be strong and inspirational for this communities’ youth and music lovers.

We hope to again received a $25,000 Matching Challenge Grant from a respected local foundation that shares our belief in the importance of youth music education. If so, each dollar you donate will be matched to provide quality and lasting Music Education, Community Outreach and Free Programming. more info.


Most Unforgettable Moment:

When 2011 All-star members Veronica O’Brian (17 years old) and Ben Cruz- (15 years old) played of the Town Park Main Stage with Guest of Honor and jazz legend Paquito D’Rivera and his pianist Alex Brown a 2003 All-Star.

“Telluride Jazz Festival is one of the most motivating venues these days and in promoting Jazz education, having such a wonderful backdrop is incredibly inspiring for music students and the upcoming generations of Jazz musicians.”
Paquito D’Rivera

Telluride Jazz Educational Programs:

Artists in the Schools & Artists in the Library Programs: is now in it’s 16th year. TJF hosts a Jazz performance/s in one of or both of the schools in Telluride. The performance is a music workshop with participating kids, an informal concert followed by a lively Q&A. Every year we send out invitations to the surrounding schools. We had a record turnout at the high school 2011 with almost 500 students, 50 of which were out-of-towners traveling over 60 miles to attend.

Telluride Student All-Star Jazz Ensemble: a national talent contest. Winners of the contest receive full scholarships including lodging, food, transportation, artist festival passes, and skilled instruction- eight are granted. This group opens the festival on Saturday on the Town Park Main Stage and the Elks Park Free Stage.

The National Student Performances: bands and ensembles from across the country are invited to participate in the Festival. This program offers students’ travel subsidies, food, lodging, and general backstage admission to Town Park, which gives them the opportunity to interact with Jazz legends and see the production side of the event. Each youth ensemble performs for the community on the Library Free Stage throughout the weekend

Community Outreach and Free Programming: Telluride Jazz produces 22 free music events during the Festival. TJF works hard at incorporating special events for our Hispanic and Latino community; by inviting a Mariachi band to perform at the Catholic Church, as well as, hosting a soccer tournament followed by a fiesta at the Free Stage in conjunction with the festival. There are several venues that provide free live music as well as sponsoring the annual Panel Discussion consisting of media, artists, and special guests of honor at the Linbrary Free Stage allowing music lovers to participate in an open discussion about important industry subjects.

Our Music Education Goals:

* To increase our participation with youth through music workshops.

* To expand Artist in the Schools to new locations giving regional students a better opportunity to take advantage of the music workshops and reduce travel time.

* To continue providing the All Star scholarship program.

* To continue hosting the National Student Performances with subsidies.

Telluride Jazz Accomplishments:

* 37 years of bring music to the area

* 18years of providing the Telluride Student Jazz All-star Program

* Expanded programming on the Elks Park Free Stage hosting over 100 students and 18 ensembles in 2011

* Subsidized Teen Pass, local passes and free admission for children under 12

* “Artists in the Schools” Programs- during the winter

* “Winter Jazz Concert Series” Partnered with the Artists in the Schools Program providing the community with year round international artistry.

* “Artists in the Library” Programs- summer

* “Free Jazz Project” Community outreach programs with special invitations to the Hispanic community including Fiesta in Elks Park, and music in St. Patrick’s Church

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